Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluating the potential of carbon sequestration based on soil carbon content in low, medium and high input corn cropping systems with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach    Ph.D    Khorramdel, Surur    
2    Ecological characteristics of Gol-e-Arvane(Hymenocrater platystegius Rech.f.) in natural habitats and evaluation of possibility for domestication under low input cropping system    Ph.D    Sabet Teimouri, Mozhgan    
3    Simulation effects of climatic change on weed, diseases and pest damages of wheat    Ph.D    mondani, farzad    
4    Eevaluation ٍof water use effecency for two species of Plantago ovata and Plantago psyllium            0000-00-00
5    ٍEcological Footprint for Agricultural Produucts (Foodprint) in Iran: Assessing the Sustainabilty of Production Systems            0000-00-00
6    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Wheat Agroecosystems of Iran            0000-00-00
7    Meta analysis of agrobiodiversity in Iran            0000-00-00
8    Study of effect of N levels on the radiation and N use efficiency in Maize and Cotton intercropping            0000-00-00
9    Determination of optimum strip width in intercropping borage and bean            0000-00-00
10    The effects of irrigation and nitrogen on water efficiency and productivity of corn ٫sesame and sugar beet    M.Sc.    Haidary Pour, Reza    0000-00-00
11    The role of Compost Tea and Vermicompost Tea in reducing fusarium wilt of tomato    M.Sc.    Zare, Hossein    0000-00-00
12    Evaluation of mixed cropping of saffron with annual crops in different crop rotations            0000-00-00
13    Effect of bio-fertilizers on growth indices yield of safflower oils    M.Sc.    gholami, amin    0000-00-00
14    Effect of new cropping technologies on growth characteristics yield, yield components and corm criteria of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)    Ph.D    Mollafilabi, Abdollah    0000-00-00
15    Evaluation of the effect of diffrent intercropped combination for Sesame and Flax            0000-00-00
16    Effects of organic and biological fertilizers on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Calendula officinalis    M.Sc.    norooziyan, ali    0000-00-00
17    Effects of intercroppinf Sesam, Sunflower and bean on yeild and yeild components            0000-00-00
18    Effect of VAM on water use efficency of Sesam (Sesamum indicum)            0000-00-00
19    Effect of age of saffron field, Corm size and different amoun of manure on stigma and corm yeild of saffron (Crocus sativus)            0000-00-00
20    The effect of organic fertilizers and plant densities on quantitative and qualitative properties of balangu (Lallenamntia royleana)    M.Sc.    roohi noogh, aghil    0000-00-00
21    Evaluation of a wide spectrum of density on yeild and yeild components of two new cultivals of Canola...            0000-00-00
22    Study of phytoremediation potential of Salvia officinalis and Mentha piperita using waste water contaminated with Cadmium and Lead.    Ph.D    Amirmoradi, shahram    0000-00-00
23    Radiation absorption and use efficiency in relay intercropping and double cropping of winter wheat and sugar beet            0000-00-00
24    Estimating long-Term Fertilizer Demaned for Iranian Agricultural            0000-00-00
25    Long term estimation of carbon dynamic and sequestration in Iran            0000-00-00
26    Assessment of the nitrogen flow and use efficiency in production and utilization cycle for wheat and maize in Iran            0000-00-00
27    Optimization of corm wieght and evaluation of the effect of a wide range of corm weight on the number of flowers, yield and other vegetative characters of Saffron (Crocus sativus. L).            0000-00-00
28    Measuring the consumers value for the organic produce in Iran, an estimation based on the contingent valuation method (a case study for Mashhad)            0000-00-00
29    Evaluation of willingness of producers to accept and tendency to produce organic products and the effective factors in Iran (a case study for Mashhad)            0000-00-00
30    Valuation of the Economical and Ecological Sevices of National Parks (Case Study: Tandoreh)            0000-00-00
31    Evaluation of invasive plants of agroecosystems and natural habitates of Khorasan proviences based on climate change and global warming            0000-00-00
32    Contribution of crop breeding and agronomic management on yield gain of wheat production systems for Iran            0000-00-00
33    Evaluation of density and weight interaction for determination of the best corn weight of saffron in diffrent densities            0000-00-00
34    Optimizing plant density, water requirement and nitrogen fertilizer in canola using central composite design            0000-00-00
35    Estimation of yield gap for wheat in Iran            0000-00-00
36    Evaluation of possible allelophatic effects of Marigold on reducing pests and diseases of Tomatoes            0000-00-00
37    Optimizing Water Requirement and Nitrogen Application Rate in Wheat production            0000-00-00
38    Qunqtitqive Evaluation of Services and Ecological Functions of Wheat Production Systems in Khorasan Razavi Province            0000-00-00
39    Effect of difference irrigation level on yield and yield components cultivars sesame            0000-00-00
40    investication of structure and functions of homegardens and agrobiodiversity assessment in some cities of Khorasan.            0000-00-00
41    The effect of biological fertilizers on quantitative properties and seed oil contents of three cultivars of canola (Brassica napus L.).            0000-00-00
42    A quantifying approach for assessing and zoning of sustainable agriculture in Iran            0000-00-00
43    Strategies for the design of agroecosystems in transition to sustainable and ecological farming systems            0000-00-00
44    Effect of planting patterns and densities on yield and agronomic criteria of sesame            0000-00-00
45    Evaluation of plant density and plant pattern on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Balangu (Lallenamntia royleana B.)            0000-00-00
46    A meta-analysis of nitrogen fertilization for crop production in Iran            0000-00-00
47    Evaluation of long term trend in agrobiodiversity of field crops in Khorasan provinces by new biodiversity indices            0000-00-00
48    Evaluation of environmental externalities of Khorasan Province            0000-00-00
49    Evaluation of functional diversity of some medicinal plants under agroecosystem conditions            0000-00-00
50    Effects of organic and chemical fertilizers on corm yield and nutrient use efficiency in saffron (Crocus sativus L.)            0000-00-00
51    Effects of different levels of irrigations and corm planting density on corm yield and water use effciency in saffron            0000-00-00
52    Evaluation of Underutlized field crops in Iranian Agro Ecosystems            0000-00-00
53    The effect of corm size , organic fertilizers and micro elements on corm and flower yeild of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in controled conditions            0000-00-00
54    assessment of soil physical properties, yield and yield components and energy use efficiency in fallow- wheat system under dryland conditions.            0000-00-00
55    Evaluation of planting patterns and fertilizer treatments on growth and flower and seed criteria of common mallow as a medicinal plant            0000-00-00
56    Evaluation of nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency in row intercropping of wheat and canola            0000-00-00
57    Effect of intercropping sesame and mung bean on crop criteria and competition with weeds            0000-00-00
58    The study of agronomical aspect of saffron-black cumin intercropping based on additional and replacement series            0000-00-00
59    Possible replacement of organic fertilizers with chemical compounds in saffron culture at widespread ranges of corm density under Shirvan conditions            0000-00-00
60    Evaluation of soil ecosystem services and carbon balance for different agroecosystems in Khorasan            0000-00-00
61    Elimination of spring irrigation restriction in maize plant through relay-intercropping with canola            0000-00-00
62    The analysis of consumption model in organic fruit and vegetables consumers            0000-00-00
63    Effects of different irrigation during grwing period and mother corm size on replacement corms behavior and water use efficiency of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)            0000-00-00
64    Combined cultivation of saffron with cucurbites for the porpuse of cooling effect of the covering crops in the summer for saffron            0000-00-00
65    Evaluation compatability of old and new wheat varities with canola in additive series of combination            0000-00-00
66    Assessment and mapping of crop water use efficiency- A case study in Khorasan Razavi            0000-00-00
67    Optimization of plant density and nitrogen in corn (Zea mays L.) by Central Composite Design            0000-00-00
68    Optimization of irrigation and plant density in corn (Zea mays L.) by Central Composite Design            0000-00-00
69    preferability for the size or density of saffron corm in planting as affected by the field utilization (annually, biannually, or three years period)            0000-00-00
70    Resource use efficiency in intercropping of cucumber, tomato and green bean            0000-00-00
71    Effect of planting methods based on conventional and nitrogen levels on nitrogen efficiency indices and yield of wheat            0000-00-00
72    Evaluation of the effect of            0000-00-00
73    Evaluation of yield, yield components, weeds population, density and diversity in sugar beet, chickpea and mung bean in relay tripple intercropping            0000-00-00
74    Evaluation of agronomic criteria, radiation use efficiency, yield, and density and diversity of weeds in sunflower, cucurbita and bean in triple intercropping            0000-00-00
75    Evaluation of environmental impacts of important crops in Khorasan Province by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)            0000-00-00
76    Evaluation of agronomic criteria, yield, yield components and LER in green pepper and green bean in additive and replacement intercropping series            0000-00-00
77    Compare spring and autumn cultivation of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) in Mashhad            0000-00-00
78    Evaluation of relationship between fertilization management and farm age with behavior of replacement corms of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) on the basis of farm trials in Torbat-e Heydarieh            0000-00-00
79    Evaluation of relationship between planting density and water requirment with replacement corms yield and economic water use efficiency in saffron: on the basis of on farm trials in Torbat-e Heydarieh            0000-00-00
80    Influence of lateral buds removal and mother corm size on daughter corms behavior, flower yield and nutrient uptake of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)            0000-00-00
81    Assessing of virtual water for some agricultural crops in Iran            0000-00-00
82    Investigation of non-chemical methods of weed control in saffron (Crocus sativus) field            0000-00-00
83    Effects of mother corm weight and nutrient management on agronomic criteria and flower and corm yield of saffron on the basis of on-farm            0000-00-00
84    Effects of Freezing Stress, Farm Age and Planting Depth on Physiological Changes in Saffron Organs under Controlled Conditions            0000-00-00
85    Agro-Ecological zoning and yield gap analysis for wheat, sugar beet and maize in Khorasan Province    Ph.D    sanjani, sara    2010-03-13
86    Assessment of greenhouse gases emission, net primary production (NPP) and carbon budgets in agroecosystems of khorasan province    Ph.D    alizadeh, yaser    2010-12-19
87    Effect of tillage, residue management and nitrogen levels on CO2 and N2O balance of soil for corn; Modeling adaptation and mitigation for climate change    Ph.D    moradi, roholla    2010-12-19
88    Effects of Spent Mushroom Compost (SMC) integrated with chemical fertilizer on agronomic criteria of potato (Solanum tuberosum)    M.Sc.    bandegani rooieen, mostafa    2011-04-10
89    Nitrogen use efficiency in German chamomile ( Matricaria chamomilla L.)    M.Sc.    Moosapour bardsiri, Reza    2011-04-10
90    Evaluation of growth and yield of fennel (Foeniculum vulgar) , bean(Phaseolus vulgaris ) and sesame(Phaseolus vulgaris) in an intercropping system    M.Sc.    ranjbar, fatemeh    2011-04-10
91    The effects of Biological fertilizers on yeild and yeild components of sesame cultivars    M.Sc.    kalantari khandani, salma    2011-09-06
92    Effect of ecologocal, socioeconomic and management factors on agrobiodiversity of Iran    Ph.D    Ghalehgolabbehbahani, Arash    2011-12-18
93    Quantification of environmental risk assessment of agriculture under uncertainty of climate change, case study: Kashafrood basin    Ph.D    Lashkari Tokhmmarz, Azam    2011-12-18
94    Evaluation of Greenhouse Gasses emission potential of corn crop as affected by different management practices    Ph.D    moinoddini, seyyed shahaboddin    2011-12-18
95    The effects of tillage operation, crop rotation and crop residue management on carbon sequestration in agro-ecosystems    Ph.D    shabahang, Javad    2011-12-18
96    Thymus transcaspicus    Ph.D    zarghani, hadi    2011-12-18
97    Long Term Effect of Intensification on Diversity، Stability، Sustainability and also Land use of Iran Agricultural systems.    Ph.D    kiani freez, majid reza    2011-12-18
98    The effect of agrobiodiversity on physical, chemical and biological soil characteristics of agroecosystems in Isfahan    Ph.D    karimiyan, majid    2011-12-18
99    Evaluation of seed production potential of perennial Ziziphora in low input cropping system    Ph.D    Aminghafouri, Afsaneh    2011-12-18
100    The of effects of different fertilizer ( manure , biofertilizers and chemical) on yield and quality of Aloe vera under Bushehr climatic conditions    M.Sc.    farrokhi, esmaeil    2012-03-14
101    Effect of planting ratio in intercropping of Beans and fennel in an additive and substitution experiment on species growth and yield    M.Sc.    khamooshi, Amin    2012-03-14
102    Dynamics of assimilate allocation and resource capture in different development stages of two maize cultivars in response to crowding intensity and N availability    Ph.D    rahbar, majid    2012-03-15
103    The effects of organic, biological and chemical fertilizers on radiation absorption and use efficiency of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.)    M.Sc.    gholami sharafkhane, effat    2012-04-03
104    Effect of biofertilizers, chemical fertilizer and manure on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Plantago ovata under low input conditions    M.Sc.    bakhshi, saeed    2012-04-03
105    Assesment ecological health of agroecosystems in Iran    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Hoda    2013-01-15
106    Zoning and evaluation of nitrogen use efficiency and nitrogen balance for wheat and corn cropping systems of Iran by using simulation model and GIS    Ph.D    tavakoli kakhki, hamid reza    2013-01-15
107    Carbon Footprint for Agricultural Products in Iran    Ph.D    Bakhshaei, Sara    2013-01-16
108    Investigation on temperature sensitivity of some species and predicting phonological variation in transition to climatic change    Ph.D    Abbasi Alikamar, Reza    2013-01-16
109    Environmental Assessment of Intensive and Extensive Farming Systems in Khorasan Based on LCA    Ph.D    davari, agrin    2013-01-16
110    The investigation of adaptation and growing possibility of Heliotropium chorassanicum, as a new floricultural plant    Ph.D    nazdar, tayebeh    2013-02-02
111    Assessing ecosystem health and biodiversity indices of Yazd with emphasis on pomegranate and pistachios orchards    Ph.D    zarezadeh mehrizi, Tayebeh    2013-02-15
112    Comparison of different indices for evaluation of mixed and row intercropping of sesame and bean    M.Sc.    nurbakhsh, faranak    2013-03-05
113    The possibility of replacement of chemical with organic fertilizers on rape seed (Brassica napus) farming in limited and full irrigation    M.Sc.    Azimzadeh, Seyed Javad    2013-05-05
114    Study of Ecophysiological Indices In Intercropping of Milk thistle (.Silybum marianum L) and Fennel (Foenicolum vulgar L.) in additive and substitution manner    M.Sc.    solooki, Hesamoddin    2013-05-05
115    The effect of chemical and biological fertilizers on phenology and qualitative and quantitative yield of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) in Mashhad climate condition.    M.Sc.    Mostafavi, Mohammad Javad    2013-05-05
116    Evaluation of growth characteristics and yield of borage (Borago officinalis L.) in response to plant density and irrigation levels    M.Sc.    Abdollahi Mayvan, Mahboobeh    2013-05-05
117    Evaluation of carbon sequestration potential of wheat-corn and canola-corn rotations as affected by different tillage management and nitrogen application rates    Ph.D    moinoddini, seyyed shahaboddin    2013-05-05
118    Effect of plant density and plant arrangement on yield and yield components of pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L).    M.Sc.    zare gheshlaghi, samira    2013-05-05
119    effect of organic and biological fertilizers on quantity and quality characteristics of Lycopersicom esculentum    M.Sc.    Tabesh, Morteza    2013-05-05
120    Study the role of metallic nano particles ( TiO2, Fe2O3) and magnetic field on uptake, growth and yield of wheat    Ph.D    feizi, hasan    2013-05-28
121    Title: The effects of different irrigation regimes and application of fertilizers and biofertilizers on radiation use efficiency, yield and yield components in sesame    Ph.D    rezaee, peyman    2013-09-08
122    Estimation the services value of Genu protected area using a Travel Cost Method    Ph.D    adibi, lida    2013-09-08
123    Effect of various tillage systems and plant residue management on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of different crops in and moderate climates    Ph.D    khalili torghabeh, Abolghasem    2013-09-08
124    Evaluation of nitrogen and radiation use efficiency in maize-bean intercropping    Ph.D    Gharaei, Shadi    2013-09-08
125    Biodiversity of weeds and arthropods, yield and radiation use efficiency of intercropping wheat and rapeseed    Ph.D    Karimian, Kolsoum    2013-09-08
126    Study of Resources use efficiency and agroecological characteristics of sesamum indicum and phaseolus vulgaris in additive and replacement mixed intercropping systems    Ph.D    Qale Nawi, Shiwa    2013-09-08
127    Effects of sowing date and integrative nitrogen application on sesame nitrogen efficiency and quantity and quality yield criteria    Ph.D    BABAIEABARGHOIE, GHOLAMHOSSEIN    2013-09-09
128    Estimating yield potential and yield gap of potato in Iran using LINTUL model    Ph.D    mohammadi, alireza    2013-09-09
129    Meta analysis of 100 years Saffron Research in the world and Iran    Ph.D    mokhtari, mahmood    2013-09-09
130    Plant population density, hybrid and nitrogen fertilizer levels effects on profiles of nitrogen and light in maize canopy    Ph.D    ghasemi, soraya    2013-09-09
131    Effects of warming and future climate change on crop characteristics and potato production in Iran    Ph.D    Torkaman, Mojtaba    2013-09-09
132    The effect of landscape structure and its edaphic criterion on agrobiodiversity in West of Iran (Gilangharb)    Ph.D    Rostami, Reza    2013-12-28
133    Emergetic ecological footprint for Agricultural Products in Iran    Ph.D    mokhtari, vida    2013-12-29
134    Study the possibility of increasing saffron (Crocus sativus L.) corm size and flower yield through the farming managements    Ph.D    aghhavani shajari, mahsa    2013-12-29
135    Effect of water and nutrient management in different cropping system on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of anisum (Pimpinella anisum)    Ph.D    ranjbar, fatemeh    2013-12-29
136    Evaluate of nitrogen and radiation use efficiency in intercropped cultivars of maize(C4) and soybean (C3)    Ph.D    kalantari khandani, salma    2013-12-29
137    Evaluating the contribution of researches on productivity growth of the cropping systems in Iran    Ph.D    VATANPOUR, MAJID    2013-12-29
138    Effects of intercropping of common millet (panicum miliaceum L.) and cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) and biological fertilizer on yield and water and nitrogen use efficiencies    Ph.D    KHAKI NAJAFABADY, ASADOLLAH    2013-12-29
139    Evaluation of nitrogen water and radiation use efficiency and productivity in maize-bean -cotton row intercropping    Ph.D    rafeii, amir    2013-12-29
140    Impact of land use change on soil erosion and ecological stability in the north east and east of Iran    Ph.D    Raoofi, Mohammad Reza    2013-12-29
141    Optimizetion of Cropping rate and Pattern in a Mixture of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and Persian clover (Trifolium resupinatum L.)    Ph.D    Nazarian, Ramin    2013-12-30
142    Effect of maternal corm weight and nutrient foliar application on yield and characteristics of daughter corms with Iranian and Spanish origin saffron (Crocus sativus L.)    Ph.D    sahabi, hossein    2013-12-30
143    Evaluation of competitive criteria in resource use and yield aspects of intercropped barley/vetch and triticale/vetch    Ph.D    HASHEMI SCHADEGAN, FAKHREDDIN    2013-12-30
144    Assessment of mixing ability and estimation of monetary value of ecosystem services in some spring crops and medicinal plants in yasouj.    Ph.D    didgah, seyyed keramat    2013-12-30
145    Estimating Economic Value and Simulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agricultural Sector of Iran, (Case Study: Section of Agronomy)    M.Sc.    Jamali Pour, Mohsen    2014-04-26
146    The effects of row intercropping of fenugreek and tomato cultivars on competition indices and species diversity of weeds, pests and disease    M.Sc.    rezazadeh, maryam    2014-04-27
147    : Evaluation of yield, yield component and radiation use efficiency in intercropping of three medician plants of Black cumin, Borago and Marigold    M.Sc.    NaghipoorDehkordi, Pegah    2014-04-27
148    Influence of tillage systems and crop residue management on soil properties and yield and yield components of wheat    Ph.D    Ebrahimian, Elnaz    2014-05-31
149    Effect of planting patterns, plant density and nitrogen splitting on corn, KSC 704 in related with radiation use efficiency and nitrogen uptaked    Ph.D    bazdar, abdorreza    2014-05-31
150    The effect of ecological factors on the biodiversity of plant species in rangelands of Khorasan Razavi province    Ph.D    Jahedi Pour, Saeed    2014-05-31
151    The effect of planting density and pattern on growth characteristics and yield of four new and old cotton cultivars in Darab    Ph.D    hassanpour, Gholamreza    2014-05-31
152    Effect of ecological and conventional farming management systems on quality and quantity of marigold (Calendula officinalis L.)    Ph.D    tabatabaee, reza    2014-06-01
153    Evaluation of various wheat lines and cultivars to different levels of agronomic inputs in order to design wheat ideotypes for low-input systems    Ph.D    kord firuzjaee, ghasem    2014-06-01
154    Physiological and morphological study of saffron corm and flower in response to irrigation methods, different corm size and cow manure    Ph.D    esmi, ramin    2014-06-01
155    Agroecological zoning for optimized crop rotations in Golestan    Ph.D    erfanian salim, ramin    2014-06-01
156    Effect of seed density on yield and yield components for sweet and sweet super varieties of sweet corn    M.Sc.    mirshekari ahmadi, abolfazll    2014-10-26
157    Investigation of biodiversity and some of the ecosystem services in intercropping of corn (Zea mays), soybean (glycine max) and marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)    Ph.D    nurbakhsh, faranak    2014-12-27
158    Domestication of medicinal plant Physalis alkekengi in agroecosystem    Ph.D    Asgari, Ashkan    2014-12-28
159    Evaluation of nitrogen efficiency indices during the historical course of release of wheat and corn cultivars in Iran    Ph.D    jafari, leila    2014-12-28
160    Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Mashhad Parks    Ph.D    poortousi, narges    2014-12-28
161    Effects of planting date for direct planting and transplanting on agronomic criteria, plant protection indices, resource efficiency and economics aspects of two sugar beet cultivars    Ph.D    Bagheri Shirvan, Milad    2014-12-28
162    Environmental impact assessment of urban agriculture of metropolises case:tehran    Ph.D    heidarzadeh moghaddam, mohammad hadi    2014-12-28
163    Evaluation of yield, yield components and biodiversity of insects and weeds in different row intercropping ratios of lettuce and Alyssum    M.Sc.    Hatefi Farajian, Mohammad Hassan    2015-04-26
164    Evaluation of agronomic criteria of medicinal plant pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo L.) intercropping with some field crops    M.Sc.    morid ahmadi, sahar    2015-05-23
165    Evaluation of agronomic criteria of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) with some medicinal plants    M.Sc.    valizadeh, sahar    2015-05-23
166    Critical Period of Weed Control for Corn Under Climatic Conditions Mashhad    M.Sc.    hooshmand, mina    2015-05-23
167    Analysis of the relationship between water, nitrogen, phosphorus and light-use efficiency in maize    Ph.D    momen, ali    2015-06-21
168    The effect of different Farming Systems and residue management of wheat on soil properties and efficiency of food consumption in cultivation of winter canola in the weather conditions in Sarableh and Romeshgan cities    Ph.D    naseri rad, houshang    2016-01-30
169    Assessment of the relationship between high levels of nitrogen intake and nitrogen use efficiency of light intensity in corn and forage    Ph.D    HEIDARIPOUR KOSHKOOEI, REZA    2016-01-30
170    Simulation growth and development of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Under drought stress conditions    Ph.D    Farrokhi, Esmaeil    2016-01-30
171    Evaluation the productivity of input in row intercropping of cotton and maize    Ph.D    dadmand, mohammad    2016-01-30
172    Evaluation of Agroclimatic indices of Afghanistan in transition to Climate Change    Ph.D    Razavi, Ahmad Raza    2016-01-30
173    Determination of the critical nitrogen dilution curve and nitrogen use efficiency for optimization of fertilizer application rate in sugarcane    Ph.D    alekasir, jafar    2016-01-30
174    Title: The effects of tillage and fertilizer application on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium efficiencies in corn (Zea mays L.).    Ph.D    shirzadi, fatemeh    2016-01-30
175    Evaluation of intercroping of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) and Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) in Mashhad and Sabzevar    Ph.D    Ali, Tabaraie    2016-01-30
176    Survey of effects economic and environmental of chemical and biological fertilizers of nitrogen and phosphorus and compare the water use efficiency in maize under drought stress    Ph.D    bahamin, sadegh    2016-01-30
177    Effect of intercropping ratios as additive series of fenugreek and black seed on yield and yield components    M.Sc.    abdollahpour, khaled    2016-03-05
178    Evaluation of ecophysiological characteristics of autumn sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) in marvdasht region.    Ph.D    Mojab Ghasroddashti, Ali    2017-03-12
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